Cookie And Milk Birthday Party

While I was searching for some cookie monster inspirations I found the most adorable cookies and milk birthday party done by A Party Style  Love the cookie buffet set up with lots of cookies varieties and assorted milk flavors . Also the outdoor setting, and the pom poms hanging from the garden umbrella are absolutely original. Lots of inspirations you can get if you are looking for ideas for a 1st birthday party.


Laíse Cavallari said...

Hey Karolina! =D How are you?! My name is Laise, and I am from Brazil! I asked a friend of mine some ideas for baby showers, and she told me to check your blog... OMG.. This is paradise!! I cannot believeee how amazing your stuff is! Seriously! Everything is so flawless! You think about every little detail! You wrote on your description that you made this blog to inspire people! Well you sure did inspire me! =D Thank you so much, I wanna do it all! Congrats for the wonderful job!


Karolina @ Karo's Fun Land said...

OH MY!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I'm so glad you found many inspirations here, that is the purpose of my blog. I hope you continue visiting! xoxo

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