Toy Story Birthday Party!

So far this is the most beautiful party I ever stylish , thanks to all those wonderful party blogs that gave me so many inspirations. For two weeks my days were filled cutting labels, making the beautiful centerpieces,shopping for all the things I need, and the last day baking some cupcakes. The process to put this party together makes me realize how much I love doing this. I totally enjoy it! Finally the day arrived and we celebrate my nephews 3rd birthday on a day with a 30% chance of showers and a very optimistic attitude. First the day was sunny and beautiful, everybody was having fun and the kids were playing and jumping, then IT RAIN!!. Grrrrr....    I did'n know if I cry or laugh. I laugh!  After an hour the rain stop and the fun started again. All I can say is that even thought the rain the party was a success! I hope you like this party same like I do. Enjoy the pictures!

Love this fun and colorful strows

Water Bottle Labels are from iParty
Polka Dot Party Labels are from Soiree Chic Shoppe
Cupcake Liners are from The Baker Confections
Cupcake Toppers/Favor Tags/Stickers are from Princess Creations
Candy Jars are from The Container Store


Anonymous said...

What an amazing looking party! Can you please share how to make the dum dum lollipop centerpieces?!

Karolina @ Karo's Fun Land said...

Hi, So glad you like my party! Here is the link with the instructions on how to do a lollipop topiary. Thanks for visiting!

kt said...

so cool......

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! How did you make those cone shaped popcorn holders? Also, where did you get the pictures of the characters that you printed to put on the loot bags??

Anonymous said...

Your nephews are very lucky! Really creative part ideas.

Fritz John Marajas said...

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