Apple Peaking Day!

Fall is here! there are so many fun things to do during this beautiful season.  For me and my family is a tradition to go apple peaking.  My kids love this time!. It's a delight for them to go to the country and run around the Apple's farm eating all the apples they can. Let me tell you that they ate lots and lots of apple in that single day. They also love to see all kind of farm animals and feed them. What kid doesn't love this.. right!.  Well, this is how me and my family welcomes Fall. How do you welcome Fall?

Fall in the country it's so much fun!. I love to see the beautiful views of the trees and the farm houses. I totally enjoy everything that the country offers.

     I love this little cute store! so sad it was Sunday and the store was close, but I'll came back next time.

                                                        HAPPY FALL!

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