Explosion of colors

Hello again + welcome 2012. What happen when you handed out thousand of colored dot stickers to children?. Definitely you'll see an explosion of colors!. That's what The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane  did, transforming a simple white room  into an extraordinary place. They created a plain white room and allowed the kids to express themselves by adding dot stickers everywhere including the furniture... not rules!. That must been an experience of a lifetime  for those children. Don't you think?  The moment I sow this, I decided to have some fun with my kids, and do something similar, but of course not on my walls. Instead, i handed them out lots of skittles to decorate daddy's birthday cake. We had such a fun time, and my hubby had a colorful and special birthday cake made with dots and dots of love.

Birthday Card made by the kids.

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Awww...Daddy obviously loved his cake! And no wonder, you've got little party-decorators-in-the-making right there. Great job, kids!

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