{Party Feature} Bird Cage Themed Christening

What a treat I have for you today!  A few weeks ago my friend Mariam of Boys Will Always Be Boys celebrated her son's Adrien Christening.  She demonstrated her creativity and talent so beautifully that I couldn't resist to share this party with you.  Inspired by a very famous french poem about kids and blue birds she created a Bird Cage theme as the perfect style for the party.  From the vintage paper elements and the table scape designs exuding a french vintage-style -  to a gorgeous dessert display filled with amazing themed treats - this Christening was definitely unique.  I'm hoping  the charming little details will inspire you.

The highlight of the party was the Dessert Table and its amazing treats.  The incredibly detailed cake and sugar cookies from this event are like mini works of art and almost look to good to eat:)

The cake was more than a 1 mt tall, and had a hand painted part.   The paper flowers were hand made and decorated with blue feathers and buttons in the center.

Cookies with cage design

These jars were decorated with paper flowers and silver birds.

     The favors were mini cages where she put a blue organza ribbon, pasted a tiny bird ( witch she painted) over it, and a little thank you card.  It contained almonds and chocolate eggs.

Crisp, white linen was the perfect base for the unique centerpieces for the tables, which were definitely a talking point for the guests on the day.

The "wish-trees" which were the centerpieces of each table.  She made them with some branches she cut and shaped, and decorated them with paper flowers, blue birds, and tea candle holders.  The idea was that each guest write a message or wish for Adrien and hang the cards ( which had ribbons) on the  Wish- Trees. After the party she saved them in a nice box like a keepsake

  I love these mini gateaux of chocolate and coconut that she made as they were nests with chocolate eggs and sugar birds.

I love the idea of the hanging bird cages. So creative!!:

- Bird Cage Favors Dragees-Bapteme.eu


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

So many sweet & creative details! A darling party indeed.

elisheba platis said...

Where did you find those adorable bird cage candy favors???

Karolina @ Karo's Fun Land said...

Hi Elisheba, the bird cage favors are from Dragee-bapteme.eu. Above you can see the link from this shop. Thanks for visiting

margaret corrado said...

What kind of branches were used for the centerpieces?

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