Daniel's Monster Birthday Party

  Finally, after a few months later here is my son's  Monsters 4th birthday party..  We celebrated his special day at home with just a few friends and family..   This time I've decided to do something stress- free, but yet nice and fun for my little monster...   
When I decided on a Monster theme, I knew that I wanted to be bright and cheery and definitely not dark and scary.  
 I used this no monster party printable from my friend Holly of Mimi's Dollhouse.  I just simply loved the not so scary monster designs, and the fun and happy colors......  perfect for a 4 year old party!!  

The party table was filled with yummy monster treats..  We served  popcorn, jellos, marshmallow pops,  monster eye cookies and a few other yummy stuff that came straight from the Supermarket to my  table ..  Did I mention you that this was a stress -free- party?:)

These marshmallow pops were so easy and fun to make...   I actually made them the day before with my boys..   To make them  simply place a marshmallow on a lollipop stick and dip it into white melted candy.  Before the candy hardens add the sprinkles, and 2 toothpicks on each side.  Then cut the gumdrops in half and glue the candy eyes with melted candy. Finally attach the gumdrop eyes to each toothpick and whala..

I also made these monster eye cookies with Oreos, blue melted candy, marshmallows and chocolate chips.  The kiddos absolutely loved them.. Yum!

 My little monster had a wonderful time.. that cute smile says it all.  My heart just simply melts for this little guy!!:)

Party Printable - Mimi's Dollhouse

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