Bubble Guppies 2nd Birthday Party

I am thrilled to finally share this Bubble Guppies party with you all!   
When Kendall's mom contacted me about her birthday in this theme, I immediately love it!!  Plus, I hardly ever do girl parties, so I always jump at the chance to do a fun party for a cute little girl! 

The inspiration for the party's color scheme was definitely the show's character colors which consisted of pink, purple and tail. 
 The sea was the inspiration for the backdrop..   I achieved the sea look by making a scalloped backdrop out of paper circles. 
I absolutely loved how it simulates the sea waves so beautifully.   It turned out to be one of my favorite elements from this party table.

Themed treats such as sea shell cupcakes, oyster cookies,  cake pops, under the sea rice krispies and many more..  helped pull together a Bubble Guppies living under the sea scenery for this party table.

Look at how gorgeous these toppers and Molly's 3D figure are!  I cannot get over it!!  They were my very favorite part of the party..
I cannot say enough nice words about Missy.  She's so talented and so nice to work with!!

Another favorite treat was definitely Molly's wig..  Who knew that Molly's wig taste like cotton candy... Yum!!

Since the very moment I met this little girl she immediately stole my heart...   She is so full of energy and spontaneity.  Her smile was so contagious and precious!  She just made me realize one more time how much I love what I do..
Huge thanks to Mommy Elise, for being so wonderful to work with!


Party Printable Mimi's Dollhouse
Toppers/ Molly's figure Sugared Up


Anonymous said...

Such a cute birthday party! I am looking to recreate something similar for my niece. Can you please share where you got all of the tablecovers, plates, etc from?

Unknown said...

Where did you get your supplies? I wanted to hire you but I'm in Michigan.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

How did you set up the paper background? It's beautiful! Also where did you buy the cardboard and ruffled paper letters for her name? Those look great on the front of the table!

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the paper circles though?

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